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Maggie Magoo comes to Rickshaw

A little over a year ago (when my shop was still an idea in the making), I attended a 'meet the makers' event in Masham, North Yorkshire.  There I was drawn to a madly colourful stall, covered in bold, brightly-coloured prints and homewares and I just wanted to have one of everything.

I explained to the stall-holder that I was working towards opening a shop that was all about colour, that I loved her products and would like to stock them - one day - should my midlife-crisis dream of being a shop-owner ever come to fruition.  She laughed and said that was exactly how Maggie Magoo Designs had come about.

We women of a certain age are definitely in our prime, and I am delighted to announce that Maggie Magoo Designs are now on sale at Rickshaw.

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  • Adele Leggett on

    Absolutely beautiful the riot of pattern and colour is so uplifting and cheerful. Just goes to prove there is always a silver lining to a mid life crisis

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