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"Mind's Eye": Debut exhibition by artist Angus MacLeod for August

Angus MacLeod art exhibition Malton

  Angus MacLeod

What I find so fantastic about art is that it's so subjective - it either speaks to you, or it doesn't.  The minute I saw photos of Angus MacLeod's work, I wanted to have it on my wall.

Inspired by an Impressionist use of colour, the abstract visions of Picasso, the anarchic freedom of Rose Wylie and the fractured, aggressive imagery of George Condo, Angus has developed his own vibrant style as a means of exploring a rainbow of experiences, from love and relationships, to anxiety and fear.

Asked about his process creating the exhibition, he says: "When I'm faced with a blank canvas the first thing I do is close my eyes and think about the most poignant thing that happened to me recently.  I then draw blindly, with the image of a thought or experience in my mind's eye.  After outlining the basic forms, I open my eyes and assess what I've created - deciding what to keep and what fades into background.  Sometimes the image I see in my mind is not reflective of what I've drawn, and I've learned to embrace these moments as 'happy accidents'. In this way I feel the pieces paint themselves."

The exhibition runs from 1st - 31st August 2018. Gallery open 10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday, and the whole exhibition will be on the website during that time under Local Art & Craft. Don't miss it!

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