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Spring Egg-quinox

Spring Egg-quinox

There is an ancient Chinese belief that you can stand an egg on its end on the first day of Spring.  The theory goes that, due to the sun's equidistant position between the North and South poles at the time of the equinox, special gravitational forces apply.

Hmm - call me a sceptic, but I'm inclined to think this has about as much validity as the genius who suggested to my son that if you throw an egg over a house, something about the arc it achieves will prevent it breaking on the other side. Needless to say, this theory was tested by my son and his friend with some enthusiasm - and quite demonstrably disproved.

All it actually achieved was the waste of a perfectly good box of eggs, confirmation for our long-suffering neighbour that our family are, in fact, certifiable, and an hour spent picking up egg shells from her flower beds. 

Sometimes I could quite happily apply some special gravitational forces of my own where my son is concerned.

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  • Mo MacLeod
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