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Rebecca Rowan Exhibition - It's Not Just About the Photography

Rebecca Rowan is pretty much the perfect fit for an exhibition at Rickshaw, drawn always to the impact of colour wherever she finds it, and promoting photography as a pathway to mindfulness and wellbeing.  She has taken photographs all over the world, and in this exhibition celebrates the colours of Morocco and Nepal as well as those much closer to home, around Yorkshire.

Rebecca’s approach to photography is based on her certainty that it is about so much more than just taking pictures.  As a teacher of photography in adult learning, she has seen people’s lives transformed by her mindful approach: “Through my work , I have seen beginners, with so little self-belief, develop the confidence to take close up portraits and candid street photographs, but most importantly, I have seen them publicly and individually celebrate their achievement.” She loves the social opportunities photography brings, particularly through her adult learning groups where students can share and discuss the impact that the activity has on their lives.

Her style is her own, preferring traditional photography and natural light.  Brought up mainly using 35mm film, then later 120 roll film, she feels a strong emphasis to get it right first time.  She says “I find most of the fun is planning my composition.  Photography like any other art is a language, an expression, it is inclusive.”

This vibrant exhibition runs at Rickshaw, The Shambles, Malton from Monday 3rd June until Saturday 29th June, Monday-Saturday 10am – 5pm.