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"Chakras" - Beginner's Guide CD by Anodea Judith
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"Chakras" - Beginner's Guide CD by Anodea Judith

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Unlock the power of your Chakras for Health and Well-being.

Whatever your goals may be, the subtle energy centres known as the chakras offer a gateway to personal transformation.  On Chakras, we join renowned teacher Anodea Judith for an experiential journey through this powerful system that profoundly influences our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  

Our adventure includes a 38-minute guided meditation that teaches the purpose of our seven primary chakras as well as how to sense, diagnose and balance each one for better health and well-being.  In one immersive session, Chakras offers us expert guidance to begin using this energetic system to restore wholeness and unleash our highest potential.


ISBN 9781591799061

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