Eco-friendly Partyware - Palm Leaf 10" Plates
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Eco-friendly Partyware - Palm Leaf 10" Plates

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The raw material for our 100% natural palm leaf tableware literally falls from the trees in the forests of Kerala in Southern India.

The leaves are collected and soaked in spring water before being heat pressed into shape and dried.  There are no coatings, additives or chemicals - just the natural leaf.  The raw material is sustainable and annually renewed.  Most of the production units are small "micro" farms and are often family run.

There are natural variations in the final colour due to pigments in the leaves.  This will range from very pale gold through to darker beige and brown and may include stripes or spots of pigment.  These are totally natural colourings and are all completely safe for food use.  There will also be differences in individual plate thicknesses owing to the natural materials.

Although the plates are 100% natural leaf, they are very sturdy and are suitable for a huge variety of hot, wet and oily foods and are safe for freezer and microwave use and are fully compostable.

Pack contains: 10 x 10" Plates

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