Fair Trade Coir Compost Block
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Fair Trade Coir Compost Block

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These coconut fibre compost blocks are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to peat, and are crafted from 100% compressed coir, a by-product from coconut husks. A single block produces an impressive nine litres of compost, perfect for potting soil, the garden, or even for wormeries! Each coconut coir block has been handmade at Ceylon Garden Coir, a fair trade cooperative in Sri Lanka.

One block creates 9 litres of compost


  • Step 1. Put the compost block in a large bucket and add about 6 litres of water (warm water acts faster).
  • Step 2. Let the compost stand for up to 24 hours - it should swell to roughly 7-9 times its original size and resemble peat. If necessary, crumble the block to loosen and add some more water.
  • Step 3. Your compost is ready to use a potting soil for house plants, in the gardens and as improvement compost.

Don't forget to fertilise your plants as normal!


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