Hand-painted navy Tree of Life recycled tyre planter
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Hand-painted navy Tree of Life recycled tyre planter

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Start your own sustainable garden with a hand painted recycled tyre planter or two. This medium sized garden planter has been crafted by artisans in India from tyres that would otherwise have gone to landfill. By recycling waste material, being handled by fair trade artisans, and giving your garden plants a home - this planter is saving the earth in more ways than one. Why not fill it with herbs or a little fruit tree and start your own garden kitchen?

Not only is this fair trade planter eco friendly, it's also entirely handmade. The tyre has been shaped by hand and the outer surface painted by traditional painters at the cooperative. The background is a rich navy blue, and is embellished with multi-coloured wildflowers. Each planter has the unique touches of the artist that painted it, so no two will ever be quite the same.

  • H24 x Dia. 34cm

Hand-made product so designs may vary slightly; plant not included!

Made in India


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