"I Can Cook - From The Garden" - as seen on BBC
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"I Can Cook - From The Garden" - as seen on BBC

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Kids learn how to grow and cook food through focused recipe features, the key ingredients are spotlighted with interesting facts that allow the children to discover where and how that item grows.

This book is first and foremost a recipe book structured around ingredients and how to grow them. It′s all about children doing the cooking themselves, and having lots of fun in the process. And cooking is even more fun when children know where ingredients come from, and have even grown some of them themselves.

So included here are instructions for growing simple vegetables and herbs, many of which just need small pots and window boxes, along with ideas for creative garden projects, from mobiles to decorated containers. The delicious recipes have been created specially so they can be made with little or no adult help, with clear step by step photographs showing what to do at key points in the recipe.

Ties in with the popular CBeebies series.

Recipes by Sally Brown & Kate Morris

Gardening by Martyn Cox


ISN 9780600624066

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