Sow Delicious - Rainbow Chard Grow Chocolate
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Sow Delicious - Rainbow Chard Grow Chocolate

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There’s nothing more satisfying than eating food you’ve grown yourself, and with Sow Delicious, you can do it anywhere! Each slab contains a slab of soil, organic fertiliser, and heirloom, non-GMO seeds. Perfect in pots or in the earth, these seeds will mean that any meal you make can include an organic splash of colour with the addition of home-grown rainbow chard.

Varieties include: Magenta Sunset; Orange Fantasia and Canary Yellow

Each block can produce 2kg of chard, so with 12 blocks per slab, you can do the maths!

But what is an heirloom seed anyway? An heirloom seed is an open-pollinated seed, that can be saved to re-grow the next season and pass down to your children. Hence – they’re heirlooms! Heirloom cultivars are on the brink of extinction, so by planting them you’re also playing a major role in saving the environment, too!

Sow Delicious is the expression of one woman’s passion for edible gardening. Created in South Africa by Vanessa Jacobs, Sow Delicious is determined to show everyone – no matter where they live – that they don’t even need a garden in order to grow their own living kitchen.

From playing in the mud as a child to travelling the world for gardening inspiration, Vanessa has made organic growing her vocation. She knows that not everyone has a garden or allotment – so she created seed bars and tutorial videos to show how easy it is to grow handy herbs and quirky vegetables even in the smallest of corners.

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