Sow Delicious - Salad Flowers Grow Chocolate
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Sow Delicious - Salad Flowers Grow Chocolate

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There’s nothing more satisfying than eating food you’ve grown yourself, and with Sow Delicious, you can do it anywhere! Why not add a special flourish to mealtime with a bouquet of edible flowers?

This heirloom seed slab, once planted, grows a jumble of flowers, each with their own colour, flavour, and qualities. Calendula’s golden orange petals add a saffron flavour to soups, pasta, or rice dishes, camomile flowers have a light apple taste, and can add colour to a salad or make a relaxing cup of relaxing tea, and the delicate yellow, white, and purple blooms of the viola have a mild wintergreen flavour, and are ideal for salads, cakes, or with cheese! Toss a mixture of petals onto a pizza for a particularly romantic night in.

When planted, each of these flowers also act as an organic fertiliser, repelling garden pests and nourishing the soil. Each slab contains a slab of soil, organic fertiliser, and heirloom, non-GMO seeds. An heirloom seed is an open-pollinated seed, that can be saved to re-grow the next season and pass down to your children. Hence – they’re heirlooms! Heirloom cultivars are on the brink of extinction, so by planting them you’re also playing a major role in saving the environment, too!

  • Slab Grows: 3 Varieties of edible flowers; calendula, camomile, viola
  • Light Required: Full sun
  • Sow: Spring – early summer
  • Harvest: 8-12 weeks
  • Type: Open pollinated heirloom seed (non-GMO)

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