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"The Chakra Project" by Georgia Coleridge
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"The Chakra Project" by Georgia Coleridge

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How the healing power of energy can transform your life.

Chakras are spirals of pwerful energy that affect every aspect of your life. When your chakras are clear, you feel full of vitality, confidence and joy.

With dozens of colourful, inspiring pictures and simple, accessible exercises, this book will help you to connect with your chakras, get to know each one and help you to heal them if they are unbalanced or blocked.

The chakra system is an incredible map, reflecting your body and soul. Fine-tuning your chakras will help yo uto strengthen your physical body, nourish your creativity, fire-up your motivation, nurture your heart, inspire you to speak up, clarify your intuition and help your spirituality to shine.


ISBN 9781912023233

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