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Emma's Soap - Natural Bath & Body Collection

Through extensive research, Emma has developed a range of products that are truly earth- and skin-kind.

The environmental benefits of using Emma’s Soap are:

  • In the ingredients of the soap.
  • In the packaging, it is recyclable and reusable.
  • In the health of the consumer.
  • In the manufacturing base, process and waste.
  • In transportation and delivery.

In the ingredients:

All oils and butters used in Emma’s Soap are from suppliers who import where possible from within Europe. All oils are from a cold press process avoiding chemical base solvents for extraction purposes. Where possible oils and butters are organic and/or unrefined, Emma uses the beeswax from her own hives and that of a local bee keeper, ensuring only the best grade is used in the manufacturing of the soap, giving the end user a high grade product.

Emma chooses to use virgin olive oil, 95% renewable product. 45/50% of her soap is made with virgin olive oil because it is pure juice, full of anti-oxidants and vitamin E. The cosmetic industry tends to use olive pomace oil; this is not a pure product, as the extraction involves the use of high temperatures and petrochemical solvents such as hexane.

Emma has designed a soap that does not use palm oil (sodium palmate) the crop is used for a myriad of purposes from an ingredient in food products to engine lubricants and a base for 99.9% of all cosmetic products.

In its packaging:

Emma’s Soap considered various methods of packaging from paper to bio-degradable packaging.

To use organic fair trade cotton fabric was an early ethical decision, not only does it present the soap beautifully; it allows the soap to breath as well as protecting the soap and it can also be re-used.  Emma promotes her ‘reduce reuse recycle’ ideas on all her labels. 

Emma’s Soap is wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton.

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Ideas for reusing the packaging

  • Collect the fabric squares and make a patch-work, bag, pillow or even a quilt.
  • Use to top your home made Jam, Chutney & Pickles!
  • Make clothes for your best loved doll or teddy!
  • Use to wrap your soap when traveling.
  • Return to Emma’s Soap to be reused and get 5p off next purchase.”

Emma's Soap - Natural Bath & Body Collection

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