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Kabloom Guerrilla Gardening Seedboms

Kabloom make fun, easy to use and innovative products that also happen to be super environmentally friendly. Designed for interaction, inspired by our relationship with nature in the urban environment.

Kabloom Seedboms are the friendly flower bombs that grow. 100% compostable bio-based Guerrilla Gardening Grenades filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and nectar-rich wildflower seeds.

Super easy to use! Simply Shake it, Soak it, Throw it and Grow it to create your very own wildflower patch. Be a responsible rebel and help brighten up dull and lifeless spaces with a blast of life and colour; whilst at the same time helping out our vital pollinating insects with a much-needed nectar source.

Seedboms are plastic-free, bio-based, compostable, contain organic compost, biodegradable & recyclable packaging. Seedboms will fully biodegrade in approx 5-6 weeks leaving only plants and flowers behind.

Kabloom Guerrilla Gardening Seedboms

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