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This Christmas, get the drinks in....candle form!

This Christmas, get the drinks in....candle form!

Just in, a new range of glorious scented candles from UK company Vineyard Candles.  Hand-poured into repurposed wine bottles, beautifully finished and gift-packaged, these all natural 100% soya wax candles use the finest fragrances from all over the world to create notes of your favourite tipples. 

With a choice of 4 different wines, a full range of aperitif cocktails (and the shot-glass options for all of them) there's bound to be something for everyone.  With burn times ranging from 16 hours (shot glasses) to 80 hours (wine bottles), once the candle is spent, just wash out the container and you have a glass to use for the real thing.  Win win!

Click here to browse the range.

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  • Mo MacLeod
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