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Pumpkins & Squashes by Caroline Burn

Needle-felted and Wet-felted items created in North Yorkshire


Caroline lives in North Yorkshire with her husband, children and lots of pets.  She started needle-felting 3 years ago having been given a starter kit for Christmas. The initial materials and ideas were very quickly not enough and Caroline has been expanding her kit and her repertoire ever since!

Needle felting is a technique that uses long sharp needles with barbs.  As the needle is pushed into and out of the wool, it binds the wool fibres together by tangling them up over and over again.  Eventually, the wool becomes firm and shaped to the design of what you making.  There are lots of different needle sizes and each will give different results; you may start a piece of work with a larger gauge needle and finish the fine detail with a very fine one.

Caroline holds that the possibilities are endless and there are lots of ideas online to give you inspiration.  She enjoys making seasonal things and also takes on commissions, so if you have a particular  idea you would like to discuss with her, make a note of her email and get in touch!

Pumpkins & Squashes by Caroline Burn

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