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Comfort wherever we can find it...

Comfort wherever we can find it...

Possibly owing to the unprecedented pressures that the global pandemic has created for everyone, the horrors in Ukraine depicted daily and the truly depressing economic outlook, I have had so many people asking me for meditation products and guides, and rather surprisingly to me, for crystals.

Up to now I have steered away from offering crystals as I never like to sell anything that I know nothing about.  However, demand has been such that I decided perhaps I ought to look into it and have spent some time researching the beliefs surrounding and the properties of, these wonders of the natural world.

Now, whilst not claiming in any way to be an expert on the subject, I must confess that my initial scepticism has been blown away by reading just a fraction of the  information there is out there, and have myself taken to carrying a small collection of carefully selected crystals about my person.  I would never seek to suggest that they alone can cure all ills, nor in any way intimate that they should be used as a substitute for medically prescribed treatments or therapies; but there is definitely some reassurance to be gleaned from the sensation of those small crystals warming next to my skin, and some comfort to be had in that perhaps - just perhaps - the energy encapsulated within them, created by the miracle that is our planet earth, might just be helping.

If this speaks to you, check out our new collection of crystals and books.

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