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Garlands & Elephant Candles a-go-go

Garlands & Elephant Candles a-go-go
Well, what an extraordinary weekend we had with online sales!  I can only think that some kind soul out there posted something nice about our Multi-coloured felt flower garlands and trays of elephant candles - we have sold more of these two products in the last week than we have in the last 4 years of trading!  I have tried to find out what has been posted, but so far no luck.  So if you are that person who posted - THANK YOU!  And if you responded to something you saw, please do let us know where it was.  You have all made the owner of a small business do a happy dance. :)

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  • Mo MacLeod
Comments 6
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  • Millie Adams
    Millie Adams

    Hi there! I placed an order for the felt flowers because of a video I saw on tik Tok by @oliviawhitfield which has had 38.5k likes! I love them and I think that’s where a lot of people found out about them :)

  • Gabby Colvin
    Gabby Colvin

    A girl on tiktok with an account @liviarosee posted

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