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Essential oils essential in Covid recovery...

Essential oils essential in Covid recovery...

Loss of taste and smell is a major side-effect of Covid, and many people are left without these senses sometimes for months. I heard some news coverage recently, however, suggesting that 'Smell Training' can really help to retrain the nasal receptors and restore smell and taste more quickly.  

What they suggest is putting a few drops of essential oil in a jar, and sniffing it at regular intervals to stimulate the olfactory receptors, gradually bringing them back to normal function. Strong fragrances such as citrus (Lemongrass, May Chang), Peppermint or Eucalyptus are particularly good for this.  How true this is, I couldn't possibly say, but it certainly couldn't do any harm!

If you're suffering from any form of congestion, some essential oils used in the preparation of Tiger Balm (Cajaput, White Camphor) or Wintergreen are also useful either in a diffuser, or mixed with a base oil as a skin preparation. The oils are all-natural, so why not give it try?

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