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Heart-string Shopping

happy new range Nutscene string twine

When was the last time you bought something just because you saw it and it made your heart happy?  I'm not talking about major purchases - just a little something that you've seen and thought "Awww - I just have to have that".  I did that very thing recently, and loved it so much I went one step further and decided to share the love with you my lovely customers.  And what was it?  It was twine.  Not just any old twine, but multi-coloured fabulous twine in a wooden crate made by Nutscene, a company who have been making said product in the traditional way since 1922.

Anyone who has ever ordered jewellery from Rickshaw will know that I package the boxes tied up with string, and henceforward, it will be string in a rainbow of colours!  This twine can be used for wrapping parcels, endless craft projects or to add a certain something to tying up your plants in the garden.  It makes a wonderful, practical-but-beautiful gift, or (if you're anything like me) an affordable treat that will give you pleasure every time you use it. Go on, have a browse at my latest collection and be tempted!

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