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Heart-string Shopping

Heart-string Shopping

When was the last time you bought something just because you saw it and it made your heart happy?  I'm not talking about major purchases - just a little something that you've seen and thought "Awww - I just have to have that".  I did that very thing recently, and loved it so much I went one step further and decided to share the love with you my lovely customers.  And what was it?  It was twine.  Not just any old twine, but multi-coloured fabulous twine in a wooden crate made by Nutscene, a company who have been making said product in the traditional way since 1922.

Anyone who has ever ordered jewellery from Rickshaw will know that I package the boxes tied up with string, and henceforward, it will be string in a rainbow of colours!  This twine can be used for wrapping parcels, endless craft projects or to add a certain something to tying up your plants in the garden.  It makes a wonderful, practical-but-beautiful gift, or (if you're anything like me) an affordable treat that will give you pleasure every time you use it. Go on, have a browse at my Nutscene Collection and be tempted!

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