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Stories from a small shop: From the Slough of Despond

Stories from a small shop: From the Slough of Despond

Do you ever have those periods of time when for whatever reason – political climate, health, personal worries, lack of sleep, even weather – things conspire to make you feel, well, just fed up?

For me, the past few weeks seem to have been filled with endless reminders of all the things I haven’t done that I should have done [doesn’t matter how much you do, it never quite covers everything], personal worries have been amplified, health not great, sleep barely at all and as a result, even the Zen happy-space that is my little shop doesn’t seem to have been cutting it in quite the same way as usual.

Then out of the blue, in walks a customer (you know who you are but for the purposes of this blog we’ll call you ‘R’) – smiley and positive, and during the course of a fascinating conversation, it transpires that R has really had far more than her fair share of reasons to be fed up.  Diagnosis of a life-threatening illness at an early age with endless surgeries and ongoing complications; the untimely death of three members of the family and a condition that means she is in constant pain. And in the face of all of this, R has pulled herself out of the dark place in which she inevitably found herself and has decided to embrace living with positivity.  She walks three miles a day with her dogs, travels, meditates and has sought out ways to change her lifestyle to make the most of what she considers to be her second chance at life.

Listening to her speak in such matter of fact tones about life situations that would floor most ordinary mortals, and with such enthusiasm about the positive changes that can be made to improve your outlook and appreciation of just being alive, I felt truly inspired to shake off my own slump and make some changes.  So thank you R for digging me out of my ‘Slough of Despond’ – you are a truly life-affirming person to talk to.

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