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Stories from a small shop - Inspiration Tag

Stories from a small shop - Inspiration Tag

Do you ever have those days when you get up in the morning just not feeling the love for embracing the day?  I had just such a start on Monday, and as much as I love my little shop, an overwhelming sense of fatigue and a sinus headache were not proving conducive to getting going. However, 10.00am opening waits for no-one so I duly dragged myself and my rickshaw into town.

Then luck, fate or the great universal plan stepped in.  The first person through the door was an erstwhile regular customer who immediately apologised for her recent absence in the shop.  She began by saying that she'd not been very well - the sort of statement that conjures up images of niggly colds and flu or a stomach upset.  It transpired that she had actually been rushed to hospital with a previously undiagnosed and potentially life-threatening condition which had led to major surgery and the removal of half her liver.  This had all happened back in January, and Monday was the first day she'd ventured out.

Understandably she had been quite knocked sideways by the surgery, but she explained that it was while watching the Paralympics she had had a bit of an epiphany. As she put it: "I realised that I have all my limbs and senses intact - really I have nothing to complain about, and if these people with all of their challenges can hurl themselves down mountains, I can certainly get myself into town."  And in search of something colourful to cheer her up, she came to Rickshaw.

When she left, I got to thinking about what she'd said and realised that my mood was more to do with my mindset than my headache.  A couple of Ibuprofen later, I was re-arranging shelves and starting my blog. I ended up having a great day.

Positivity - pass it on.

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  • Mo MacLeod
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