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Stories from small shop - Spring Nesting

Stories from small shop - Spring Nesting

This week, two notable couples have visited the shop, both embarking on new beginnings at very different stages in life.

The first, a fabulously flamboyant lady sporting a brilliantly coloured scarf (and fingernails that change colour - who knew?) and her husband who have just retired up to the area to set up their 'final home'.  Like me, she loves colour and, drawn in by the rickshaw parked outside, came looking for inspiration for their new home.  They met abroad, have travelled extensively in India, and he has worked in Bangladesh so we passed a very enjoyable 20 minutes chatting about all things Indian-subcontinent. It also transpires that she makes the most gorgeous colourful jewellery, so may well become a new supplier! It always pays to chat - watch this space...

Then yesterday, a quiet young couple came in and spent a long time browsing before deciding on a large recycled aluminium salad bowl. Clearly visitors, I embarked on my usual "So where are you from? Are you here on holiday?" interrogation, only to discover that it was in fact the first day of their honeymoon, and they were looking for a souvenir for their new home.  It quite made my day.

It just goes to show that young or old, there's something for everyone in the bonkers bazaar that is Rickshaw.



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  • Mo MacLeod
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