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March 22nd - Who knew?

March 22nd - Who knew?

Yesterday, I discovered - only by accident of a Tweet I received - was International Day of Happiness.  Who knew?  This led me to see if I was missing out on anything special today, and apparently March 22nd is:

1. Young As You Feel Day - You are encouraged to act as young as you feel, the hope being that you feel younger than you are, not older! A few suggestions for activities include: trying to fit into the clothes you wore as a teenager [personally I can only imagine that being a horrible experience!]; revisit some music you used to listen to when you were younger; get outside and do something active; go dancing or try something new that you've always wanted to do [especially if it would embarrass your children!]

2. National Goof-off Day - dedicated to avoiding doing anything productive [although the fact that you are reading this rather suggests that you're doing it already!] Suggestions for celebrating the day include: surfing the web for things you want to buy [perhaps from a funky fair trade online emporium? Just saying...]; calling your family multiple times during the day; taking extended coffee/lunch breaks; binge-watching television series; taking the long way round when walking or driving somewhere - basically anything you feel like doing that is not what you should be doing.

3. National Sing Out Day - a day when people don't worry where or when they sing, or how well or loud they sound. Singing should be done anywhere throughout the whole day - in the shower, in the street, in the car, in the office - and perhaps seek out some karaoke to finish the day off.  Singing has recognised health benefits, so why not join a choir today?

Were it not for the fact that I'd hate to frighten away my customers, I think no.3 is really quite tempting.


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  • Mo MacLeod
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